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Affordable Art for Your Place

Fine art photography…
is not about capturing what the camera sees.
 It is about capturing what the artist sees.

Fine Art Photographer Brian Rivera Uncapher in PhotographyLife
photo of the artist, David Alan Webb

As a visual artist, I primarily create fine art photography (though I dabble in other things). And fine art photography is expensive.

This is partly because it has to be printed and framed and partly because the artist is expected to sell limited editions (signed and numbered) to increase their value for collectors. This does not really help the artist much–except in rare cases, where the artist “makes it big.” It also does not help the people who enjoy his art, but not enough to spend hundreds of dollars.

The Wandering Crayon is my solution to this problem.

I realized that art does not have to be expensive to contribute to someone’s life.

For instance, this Caravaggio hangs in a place of honor in my home. It was a gift nearly twenty years ago.

The original is in a German museum. My copy was printed on cheap paper, backed with cardboard, and covered in thin plastic with a clip-on, plastic frame.

But it has been important to me. 

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
by Caravaggio (1603 AD)

So… I partnered with a leading print-on-demand, drop-shipping company to put my art on good quality, affordable objects

  • for people who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for limited editions,
  • for people who just want some art in their lives, and, specifically, of course,
  • for people who enjoy the art that I create.

Because art matters.

Artist Statement

stones and old oak leaves in shallow water, part of which is frozen
When Worlds Touch 3

I turn the ordinary, unlikely, or even ugly into the amusing, beautiful, or meaningful. It is satisfying work.

I work with what I find by being mindful and sensitive to my surroundings and discover most photos near where I live and work in the mountains of western Maryland. There seems to be an endless supply of material for those with eyes to see, and I enjoy sharing these visions.

top view of a tree stump with coloration and shadows that make it look like an entire trunk and crown with its spirit
When Tree Stumps Dream
two old stuffed animals, a dog and a rabbit, abandoned in a window, with a reflection of house behind them
That Doggie in the Window

I consider myself an artist first and a photographer second. I do not seek to capture the unusual or the exotic, but seek to express some truth, to make some commentary, or sometimes simply to remind someone how to enjoy a playful, child-like imagination or how to see beauty in unlikely places.

in black and white, a dramatic sky above two sets of tall poles with netting
an abstract image that looks like tall trees in dense fog with many small, bright things floating or flying about
On the Verge of Faerie
a row of five houses across the street from a cemetery with dark heavens as a backdrop
On Perspective Street

After six decades, David has mostly harmonized the two halves of his mind. One half majored in Mathematics, because it was “easy and fun” and has worked jobs like information analyst. The other half grew up with a piano, makes art, and writes stories.

He creates and prays in the western Maryland panhandle.

The Business Side

The Wandering Crayon is a registered trade name and sole proprietorship in the state of Maryland, USA.
Unless otherwise noted, the visual and literary art here is copyright David Alan Webb.

Click here to view The Wandering Crayon‘s Maryland Sales & Use Tax License. (It’s supposed to be posted in a public place. This is it.)

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