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Why ‘The Wandering Crayon’?

Somewhere back in the middle of Twenty-Twenty, I wanted to add some doodle-time to my bedtime routine. (You know, pandemic art.) So I bought a sketchbook and a box of crayons at the grocery store.

My creations were rather random at first. But I quickly gravitated toward drawing faces.

“Kind Eyes”

Lots of faces.

Hundreds of faces.

Hundreds of pages of faces.

dojo girl
“Dojo Girl”

I wanted to “paint with crayons,”
rather than draw.

“Tony the Tank”

I studied how to improve.
And practiced every evening.

But all were spontaneous creations.
And sometimes I found myself deeply connected to the result.
In other words, like real art.

“Off to War”

That’s where The Wandering Crayon came from.
It’s a good metaphor for who I am as an artist.

(And that’s why the background to the website logo is a closeup of a face, drawn with crayons.)

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