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the unquenchable Life that blazes in all things
the shining Spirit that sustains our reality

I am very pleased with this one. It’s a new addition to the series Sublimation.

For pieces in this series, I typically “invert” and “rotate” the colors of a photograph and also modify the contrast (white point, gamma, and black point). Typically, the original photo is of something mundane or even ugly. But within are hidden shapes and patterns that I bring to the foreground, transforming it into something beautiful and very different.

In this piece, I see a somewhat abstract, underwater scene. And, as I was working on it, the name “Lifeblaze” just came immediately to mind. I often think carefully about the artwork titles, but I don’t think I can improve on that.

It is not unusual for me to shoot something with the intention of transforming it into something “sublime.” But not this one. It was a creative surprise in post-processing, where I work to bring out the best in each photograph.

I like creative surprises. It’s part of why I do photo art.

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