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More Than Skin Deep

an alien princess and her infant show us
beauty is so much more than skin deep

With this one, I want to show you fine details, but it is unwise to put high-resolution images of original art on the internet, so here are a few closeups of key sections.

Crown, Flowers, and Ribbon
Eye and Earring
Infant, Wrapped and Held Tightly
(just the head and an eye show)

Here’s a half-hour video by the artist about the development of this piece:

Examples for Framing

The “skeleton” for this piece was a photograph. (I will say only that it featured deteriorating concrete.) But the finished work is more like a (digital) painting.

Because it’s really a painting, I thought it best to treat it like one and have it printed on special canvas paper (Epson Exhibition Canvas Paper). This is more expensive, but it has a protective coating (matte laminate and UV protection), so it doesn’t need to be protected by “glazing”–that is, the glass or acrylic overlay. And, of course, there is no matting. This keeps costs about the same as for a matted photograph. As for a frame, gold seemed best to me. And there are several examples below.

As a fine art reproduction of a painting, it could also be printed on velvety paper designed for this purpose (Epson Somerset Velvet). This requires a mat, and (for me) the best choice was a metallic gold with a warm brown (burnt sienna) metal frame. (Nothing else seemed to work with those vivid reds, but, of course, taste differ.)

Costs depend on specific options, of course. And they vary over time. But here are pretty good estimates for a wide variety of examples, as of July 2022 (including shipping costs to my region–Toledo area to Western MD, but excluding sales tax).

Of course, I will provide hard numbers and specific details, once you’ve decided what works best for your place.

NOTE: This artwork has not yet been proofed on either paper.
So proofing will add a couple weeks to the production time.

Printed on Canvas, No Mat, No Glazing (matte laminate and UV protection instead)

(The frame appears thinner as the size of the print increases, so that’s why I’ve included otherwise identical images.)

about $110
about $130
about $190
about $265
5/16″ wide, metal
(used with the four above)

Wider frames for larger pieces:

about $220
about $310
7/8″ wide, metal
(used with the two above)
about $260
about $370
1-3/4″ wide, wood
(used with the two above)

Printed on “Somerset Velvet,” Metallic Gold Mat, Anti-glare Acrylic Glazing, Burnt Sienna Metal Frame

(The frame appears thinner as the size of the print increases, so that’s why I’ve included otherwise identical images.)

6×9″ print, 1-1/2″ border
about $137
8×12″ print, 2″ border
about $180
10×15″ print, 2-1/4″ border
about $220
14×21″ print, 2-1/2″ border
about $335
7/16″ wide, metal
(used with the four above)

Contact the artist to begin a conversation about the options you would like for your own framed fine art print. (See here for more.)

(Go to the Framed, Fine Art Prints page)

David Alan Webb

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