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The Lookout

A strange creature, holding binoculars, peers into our world from elsewhere. The colors of the phenomenon are comforting, but this may mean nothing. 
The anatomy of the Lookout remains mostly hidden. Only a few fingers, part of a forearm, and one puzzling section of its body have slipped into our world. (Are those ribs? And perhaps part of another limb?) 
It has revealed as little as possible to us--just enough to get the job done. And what is visible seems creepy or at least alien. So caution is probably advised. 
Of course, it may be having similar thoughts about us.

This is one of my favorites from the series Sublimation.

One definition of “sublimation” is “a purification or refinement; ennoblement.” I modify these a lot in post-processing by rotating the colors and changing the contrast (gamma, white point, and black point). But this is only to bring out existing patterns and shapes that were hidden there all along.

The originals are typically mundane or even ugly, so this process “ennobles” them into art. And I enjoy finding, capturing, and then “refining” these hidden gems.

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