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The Rock

from The Creekside Collection

(Art from photographs taken at Creekside Park, Archdale, NC)

The Rock

It was our special place.

“Meet you by the Rock,” our fleeting glances said.
For we dared not speak to each other in public,
not even in whispers–indeed, especially not in whispers.

But we would find each other–later,
along the creek in the forest,
halfway between the farm and the manor.
For, by twilight or even moonlight,
we could always find that Rock.

It’s where we first met.

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(original photo)

The rock called to me.
I thought this composition might make a good black and white image–
which emphasize shapes, shadow, and textures.
Of course, I also gave it a slight tint for mood.

To protect images, this has been turned off.

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