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Art from Creekside Park

Reality is full of surprises. Here are a couple dozen of them.

On a recent New Year’s trip to North Carolina, I discovered Archdale’s beautiful Creekside Park. So my camera and I made two early morning visits.

An artist first and a photographer second, I do not seek to capture the unusual or the exotic, but endeavor to express some truth, to make some commentary, or simply to remind people how to enjoy a playful, child-like imagination–how to see beauty in unlikely places…

…in this case, even in the dead of winter.

Each piece in The Creekside Collection started as a photograph taken at the Park on 31 Dec or 1 Jan 2023. With each creation, I’ve also included the untouched original–especially for those who are familiar with the park–so you can see where it came from.

Enjoy the gallery. And be sure to bring your imagination.

David Alan Webb

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