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Gallery: Faces

Somewhere back in the middle of Twenty-Twenty, I wanted to add some doodle-time to my bedtime routine. (You know, pandemic art.) So I bought a sketchbook and a box of crayons at the grocery store. My creations were rather random at first. But I quickly gravitated toward drawing faces.

Lots of faces.

Hundreds of faces.

Then hundreds of pages of faces.

Back then, I worried that I drew faces because of the lockdown–like a marooned man, losing his grip, who drew faces on coconuts to keep him company. But I didn’t give them names (usually), and I took that as a good sign that I wasn’t crazy yet.

Each is a one-of-a-kind, spontaneous creation. (This is how The Wandering Crayon got its name.) But, yes, I have colorized them in post-processing. I often thought they looked better in a different color than the one I sketched them in. And I’ve cleaned them up a bit (and, very rarely, more than a bit).

Anyway, here are some of the best–or, at least, some of my favorites–for your enjoyment.

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