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Gallery: Mirror, Mirror

All the pieces in this collection feature “sideways reflections”–where left and right are mirror images of each other. And most use multiple kinds of mirroring.

“Sideways reflections” create images with bi-lateral symmetry–a fundamental quality of most animals, people, and faces. So, such compositions provide a framework for “seeing things.”

This piece, titled “Sailing,” serves as an excellent example:


The original photograph has been turned sideways and reflected, creating bi-lateral symmetry, which now dominates and transforms the image. The result is a somewhat abstract composition that strongly suggests (but does not actually depict) an old-fashioned ship with its carved prow turned directly toward us. And yet, all the details of the original photograph remain clear, and you can easily determine, (with some head-turning) what this “really is”–or, rather, what it was.

Most of the images in this collection are far more abstract than this one. And that leaves more room for the imagination to wander within them and create dreamlike creatures. Many of these images act somewhat like inkblot (or Rorschach) tests, where the imagined images reflect the current mental state or disposition of the viewer.

In short, “Mirror, Mirror” means… reflections within the image, reflections of the viewer.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

David Alan Webb, Artist

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