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More About Mugs

To contribute to someone’s life, art does not have to be expensive. And my goal is to provide good quality at a reasonable price (for original art).

For this product, I’m using Printful, Inc., a print-on-demand (POD) drop-shipping company that many consider to be the leader in this industry. Here is a current review of the company by a third party–although it probably contains more information than you want to know.

I design what is printed on each item using one of my creations. Here is an example, using a Face:

Original Art
Design for 15oz Ceramic Mug

In order to evaluate the quality of this product, I had this one made:

I was happy with the result. The printing was clear and the mug sturdy. I also appreciated the roomy handle.

Here is another example, using photo art:

Original Art

I used a section from the middle:

Design for 15oz Ceramic Mug

Below is a short video and a couple photos from the Printful, showing their production process and product.

To protect images, this has been turned off.

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