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More About Posters

To contribute to someone’s life, art does not have to be expensive. And my goal is to provide good quality at a reasonable price (for original art).

For this product, I’m using Printful, Inc., a print-on-demand (POD) drop-shipping company that many consider to be the leader in this industry. Here is a current review of the company by a third party–although it probably contains more information than you want to know.

Of course, posters require very little design work. I only have add the title and attribution, after calculating the pixel size of the font based on the pixel size of the original piece. For fine art prints, I do soft and hard proofs for each piece, but for posters, this is not necessary.

In order to evaluate the quality of this product, I had two posters printed–one realistic and one more abstract:

Design for 16×20″ Poster
Design for 12×18″ Poster

I was very happy with both. The paper is heavy, the colors are vivid, and the detail is excellent.

Each poster is shipped in a sturdy triangular box–after being rolled up in tissue paper to protect the print.

This paper is quite sturdy, so it takes a while to get the curl out.

Here is a video on how to flatten a rolled poster–courtesy of atist Kim Knoll.

Carefully unrolling the poster and weighing it down with books for at least 24 hours gets most of the curl out, but not all.

After that, I gently rolled it backwards on itself. It would be safer to do this around a tube, but I found the paper heavy enough that I didn’t need one.

Below is a short video and a couple photos from Printful, showcasing their production process and product.

To protect images, this has been turned off.

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