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More About Tote Bags

To contribute to someone’s life, art does not have to be expensive. And my goal is to provide good quality at a reasonable price (for original art).

For this product, I’m using Printful, Inc., a print-on-demand (POD) drop-shipping company that many consider to be the leader in this industry. Here is a current review of the company by a third party–although it probably contains more information than you want to know.

I design what is printed on each item using one of my creations. Here is an example, using a Face:

dojo girl
Original Art

The double image is for both front and back.
The text in the middle ends up on the bottom of the tote.

Design for 15″ Tote Bag

To evaluate the quality of this product, I had this one made:

I don’t have any experience with tote bags, but I spoke with a young woman who does. She thought it was of good quality and was happy to keep it to see how it holds up.

Here is another example, using photo art:

Original Art
Design for 15″ Tote Bag

Below is a short video from Printful, showcasing their unprinted product.

To protect images, this has been turned off.

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