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Math as a Second Language

This is how The Wandering Crayon does math–like a language. I have decades of experience with both.
And I’ve been working on Math as a Second Language–in one form or another–for most of my life,
but only recently found the right “scope and sequence” (as educators say) for others to find a way into this world.

(Eventually, I’ll get these off my artist website. But this is good enough for now.)

Math as a Second Language I (A Beginner’s Guide)


Part A: Numbers, Units, and Grammar (The “On-Ramp” into the world of MSL)

MATH LANGUAGE TIP: When Letters Are Not Letters (coming soon)

Part B: Numbers, Times, and Places (done, I think)

MATH LANGUAGE TIP: Translating vs Spelling (coming soon)

Part C: Language Places (mostly done)

(more to come)

Math as a Second Language II (Intermediate)


Math as a Second Language III (Advanced)


Stand-Alone Sections

A Sense of Place (Sooner or later, you’re going to need this.)

Glossary (coming later)

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