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Long Summer Scarf, “Jack Baubles”


poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, & matte crepe fabric options

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Design and original art by David Alan Webb

  • Custom made for The Wandering Crayon by Art of Where, Montreal, Canada
  • Seventy-two inches long by sixteen inches wide
  • Baby-rolled hems with a very high stitch density for a polished look
  • Your choice of poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, or matte crepe (see details here)
  • Sublimation printing of design on fabric (will not bleed)
  • Practically, no shrinking (expect less than 1%)
  • Machine wash, warm water in a regular cycle using a phosphate free detergent (Use of a mesh bag is recommended.)
  • Machine dry on medium to high heat or hang to dry
  • Iron on the low, synthetic setting (“polyester” if you have one)

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