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Fabric Options

Long summer scarves are currently available in three fabrics–poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, and matte crepe.

Common Characteristics of All Fabric Options

  • All are 100% polyester (excluding the hem stitching, of course).
  • Practically speaking, these fabrics do not shrink. (Expect less than 1% shrinkage.)
  • Eco-solvent sublimation inks are permanent (will not bleed when washed).
  • Machine wash, warm water in a regular cycle using a phosphate free detergent. (Use of a mesh bag is recommended.)
  • Machine dry on medium to high heat or hang to dry.
  • Iron on the low, synthetic setting (“polyester” if you have one).

These are samples from the manufacturer with some common household objects so you can compare them visually. (That’s their standard test image.)

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Below, see details regarding how the fabrics differ. Also, the next best thing to holding the fabric is watching someone else hold it, so I’ve included some links to YouTube videos showing the common characteristics of these general fabric types.

Poly Chiffon

  • Airy, semi-transparent fabric
  • Design 70-80% visible through backside of fabric

Satin Charmeuse

  • Satin* fabric, shiny on front side and matte on the back
  • Design 50-60% visible through backside of fabric

*NOTE: “Satin” refers to the type of weave. Satin fabric is very smooth and lustrous on one side, but is less durable and tends to snag.

Matte Crepe

  • Fancy weave fabric, smooth surface with low lustre
  • Design 50-60% visible through backside of fabric
  • The texture of this crepe is very fine. (You have to look closely to tell its a crepe.)

For photos of each fabric and more details,
the manufacturer’s webpage for their polyester fabrics is here.
The top three listed are the scarf fabrics.

Also, if you feel you need a better understanding of fabrics, here’s a good (26 minute) presentation:.

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