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Art from the Shrine


Photo Art from the Grounds
of the Shrine of Saints Peter & Paul,
Cumberland, Maryland

As an artist first and a photographer second, I do not seek to capture the unusual or the exotic, but endeavor to express some truth, to make some commentary, or simply to remind people how to enjoy a playful, child-like imagination–how to see beauty in unlikely places.

I work with what I find by being mindful and sensitive to my surroundings and discover most photos near where I live and work in the mountains of western Maryland.


This thirty-six-piece collection contains a wide variety of works–from sober to humorous, from realistic to abstract–with commentary that ranges from the philosophical to the fun.

Each work comes from a photograph taken on the grounds of the Shrine. And for some, I’ve included the untouched original, so you can see where they came from.

Wrong Turn
Kentucky Coffeetree 7

More than just a historic landmark, the Shrine and the historic Faith it represents are important to me personally– as will probably be evident from some of my written presentations.

I hope you enjoy the gallery as much as I enjoyed creating it.

David Alan Webb

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(For a current aerial view of the grounds and a historic drawing, see below.)

For reference, this is a drawing (by Anthony Pinardi)
of the what the grounds used to look like.
(Prints are available from the artist.)

(drawing by Anthony Pinardi)

And this is an aerial view (from Google Maps)
of the grounds in recent years:

If you want to see more about what the place used to look like,
here is a 24 minute video made in 1988 before the monastery was torn down (1997).

To protect images, this has been turned off.