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Solid Matching Pillows

As a convenience to you, I offer solid color pillows that match the colors on my artsy, two-tone pillows. The matching solids cost significantly less, since they have no artwork on them. (This seemed like the right thing to do.)

Three examples follow:

Dogwood Canopy 2101
Matching Color 2101a
Matching Color 2101b
Chestnut Oak 3101
Matching Color 3101a
Matching Color 3101b
Ginkgo 6601
Matching Color 6601a
Matching Color 6601b

In any color pair, there’s a darker color and a lighter color. If the lighter color is the background color, then the four-digit code for design ends in a “1” (like all the examples above). If the darker color is foreground color, then that final “1” becomes a “2.”

Here is an example, using Dogwood Canopy 2101 and 2102. The colors are identical on both these pillows.

Dogwood Canopy 2101
Dogwood Canopy 2102

The darker (foreground) color on the left pillow (2101) is 2101a. The lighter (background) color on that pillow (2101) is 2101b. But the colors on the right pillow (2102) are exactly the same–just reverse. So, for simplicity, I just use the same codes–2101a and 2101b.

To make it as simple as possible for you to find the right color, I’ve created the following table. These are the color pairs for which I have solid matching pillows at the moment. (I’ll be adding more, and I’ve started with the most common.)

You can click on any color pair swatch to see all the pillows that come in that color pair. Click on the color codes (“darker” or “lighter” to see all the solid matching pillows available in that color.


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